The Fastest Materials Requirement Planning Tool Available


Material Requirements Planning

The more responsive you can be to ever-changing customer demand, the more efficient and effective your operation will be. As the fastest materials requirement planning tool available, our hourly MRP tool gives you complete flexibility to adjust schedules to accommodate everything from modeling, simulating and ordering production parts. The advantage this tool provides over traditional MRP solutions is its ability to calculate with accuracy equal to the takt time of a manufacturer’s assembly line and determine at what time deliveries are needed at the point of application.

The result is that hourly JIT pull signals can be distributed to all suppliers in the supply chain via the Internet creating succinct business-to-business collaboration.



Elimination of inbound warehouses
—Low cost CPUs versus classical mainframe ERP packages
—Complete regeneration of bills of material with each new plan
—Engineering changes included
—Schedule changes included
—Order changes included
—Hourly versus daily planning buckets
—Simultaneous generation of internal and external pull signals
—Low variable inventory levels
—CPU run-time in minutes versus hours
—Hourly regeneration of demand  requirements
—Constant monitoring and alert notification of part shortages
—Timely communication of engineering changes to suppliers 

fastMRP™ is an application solution that runs on a Microsoft Windows, Linux or Unix based workstation.


End to end visibility into your supply chain


The fastest materials requirement planning tool available


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