April 24, 2016

Launching a new logistics and supply chain project can be very difficult, costly and stressful if you don’t know what, who and when things need to be done.

Imagine your project launch as a table with three legs and each leg represent cost, quality and timing, all three need to be balanced to keep the table firm and strong, but how do you achieve this? What tools do you have available?

The concept of “Plan For Every Part” (PFEP) is to create a detailed road map of your manufacturing operations. It defines all of the characteristics of the supply chain including suppliers, manufacturing facilities, the type and number of components, frequency of deliveries, staging areas, internal and external delivery methods, lead time, supplier capacity, quantity per container, etc.

A good PFEP will help to analyze lead times, supplier capacities, identify bottle necks, standardize packaging, optimize transportation routes and provide space planning in trucks, sea containers, warehousing space and at the production line.

The ultimate goal, is to ensure the availability of the right parts at the right time, cost and quality. In other words: Supply In Unison!

loopPFEP will give you greater visibility on your new logistics and supply chain project launch and will help you to keep the balance.


Learn more about the loopPFEP software at loopsupplysystems.com/pfep.