June 15, 2016

Over the years lean manufacturing has become more and more popular; companies have recognized that they can grow with less. In some ways, Lean can also be described as the way of the future in the manufacturing industry given the popular lean initiatives.

The ability to efficiently produce products of high quality, with shorter lead times, at lower production cost is in great demand. These few lean benefits can very well have a lasting impact on your organization’s bottom line. Thinking about going lean or employing additional lean principals? If so, learn how loopPFEP can assist you with laying a solid foundation on your journey to lean.

Areas to focus:

Dedicated Workforce: Dedicated personnel that are passionate about the Lean objective(s) at hand are really important in the foundation of your lean journey. Loop Supply Systems encourages organization to engage lean leaders in lean techniques. Here are a few ideas below that can help bridge the gap of recruitment and retention to lean practices among like-minded individuals.

-Lean Training Workshops

-Lean Certifications

-Recurrent Internal meetings on current lean projects and tools

-Company-wide lean events introducing lean concepts

-Lean competitions (make if fun!)


Standard Work: In manufacturing environments, standardized work is a major building block in your lean foundation. The main goal is to eliminate excess waste whether it’s specific to processes, inventory, or production. Benefits of standard work are clear processes, consistency, a continuous improvement foundation, and quality assurance.


Continuous Improvement: Continuous improvement is another key element in the sturdiness of your lean foundation. This long term lean objective aims to constantly review current processes, products, and services and seek to improve upon them reaching the highest quality. Results of continuous improvement can be seen brick by brick (over time), or all at once.


Just-in-Time (JIT) Solution– JIT is a production method in which parts are created to meet demand. Efficiency; nothing more, nothing less. The production method intentionally reduces waste to bypass overproduction and high levels of stock.


Loop Supply Systems offers a Lean Just-in-Time Delivery Solution known as ‘loopPFEP’. This lean collaboration tool enables organizations to integrate their supply chain while lowering their cost. loopPFEP goes beyond corrupt department spreadsheets. Because the tool is web-based, manufactures are enabled to communicate with suppliers regarding real-time data with in a centralized location.


Lean Material Flow— Material flow processes describes the transportation of raw materials, parts, fabrications, components and products as a flow of entities. The analytical method seeks to quantify flows and stocks of material within a warehouse/system.


Developing a Plan For Every Part (loopPFEP) is the cement that holds everything building block together. It allows you the ability to track a part, assembly, and model from its birth to its death. Tracking movement from one workstation to the next and point of use analysis are major benefits. If you find that you are interested in improving your lean foundation, increasing visibility and material flow efficiencies throughout the supply chain with loopPFEP, feel free to contact us.


Good luck on the journey!