RFID Enabled Packaging Management Solution



loopTrack Container Management

loopTrack is a web based container management solution designed for real time packaging and inventory visibility throughout your supply chain. We incorporate the latest RFID technology, which allows loopTrack to hear the movement of containers, eliminating the manual effort of locating and scanning barcode tags.

Challenges of Returnable Packaging

  • • Loss, theft, and damage to containers and racks
  • • Expensive alternative packaging and late shipments as a result of container shortages
  • • Expedited purchases and increased obsolete inventory due to inventory inaccuracies
  • • Increased labor costs to search for missing totes and inventory
  • • WIP tracking
  • • Substandard preventative maintenance and repairs

loopTrack Value Proposition

  • • Shared Container Pooling is now possible
  • • Built on loopPFEP, our web based Plan For Every Part
  • • Pool members can share packaging concepts and benefit proven standards
  • • Return transportation costs are reduced with shorter distance to pools
  • • Environmental benefit from the elimination of expendable packaging
  • • ERP system integration with standard EDI transactions
  • • Integration with key processes to adapt and balance the demand for packaging assets
  • • Manage and measure your entire supply chain more effectively
  • • Real time visibility to when required packaging may not be available or additional packaging needs to be ordered
  • • Business rules provide exception based reporting and filtering to prioritize required actions

Lost inventory can cause massive disruption to your supply chain resulting in increased costs, lost productivity, and lots of headaches. Contact us today to find out about loopTrack, Loop Supply Systems’ Container Management Solution.

loopTrack™ is an application solution that runs on IBM’s highly scalable WebSphere Application Server


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