End to End Visibility with the loopPFEP Process


Empower Your Supply Chain

Empower Your Supply Chain with loopPFEP

A New Way to A Plan for Every Part

Nothing Improves Operations Like Having A Plan. Introducing loopPFEP, a cloud based (or hosted in-house) PFEP and analytics application.

A Dynamic And Forward Thinking Approach To PFEP. Learn the loopPFEP Process and continuously improve your supply chain with loopPFEP.

Collaborate With Global Trading Partners. Leverage the cloud and PFEP with your global supply base utilizing loopPFEP’s roles based data access.

"loopPFEP has truly been a game-changer for us..."

The loopPFEP Process

Process Driven Technology. The loopPFEP Process is fundamental to a successful implementation and sustainable solution.

Understand The Supply Chain Process With PFEP. Our process training was developed to connect the holistic supply chain from your customers to your suppliers.

Training For The Future. Learn the loopPFEP Process with a dynamic training courses.

Plan Your Supply Chain with loopPFEP

Empower Your Supply Chain. Make informed business decisions with access to real time PFEP data and analytics.

The Source Of Truth. Normalize data from legacy and external systems in loopPFEP to maximize ROI on previous capital investments.

Dynamic Kanban Ordering. Leverage your PFEP data with loopKanban, a dynamic Kanban ordering system built into the loopPFEP application.

How is loopPFEP different?

Traditional PFEP

• Excel Based
• Manual Data Entry
• Minimal Collaboration
• Limited Workflow
• Localized Supply Chain Planning


• Cloud Based
• Dynamic Workflows
• APIs/Web Services
• Advanced PFEP Analytics
• Trading Partner Collaboration
• Holistic Supply Chain Visibility
• loopPFEP Process and Training
• System Calculations and Reporting Metrics

loopPFEP™ is an application solution that runs on IBM’s highly scalable WebSphere Application Server

SaaS Model

Tiered Pricing Available
Based on # of Users
12 month contract
Online Training and Support

Express Model

Purchased Software License
loopPFEP Support and Training
loopPFEP Process Training
Ideal for single plant

Enterprise Model

Purchased Software License
loopPFEP Support and Training
loopPFEP Process Training
Ideal for multi-site deployment


End to end visibility into your supply chain


The fastest materials requirement planning tool available


Web-based software to make one piece flow possible

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