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Experience the PFEP Process - Loop Supply Systems' PFEP Process Workshop


What is our Plan for Every Part Workshop About? 

Entering The Age Of Agile Supply Chains. Responding quickly to dynamic customer demand and adapting is the future of the manufacturing supply chain.

Customer Driven Material Flow Strategy. Develop a customer driven material flow strategy using efficient business processes.

Holistic Supply Chain Processes. Learn how to optimize and create a sustainable supply chain.

Empower Your Supply Chain with loopPFEP


  • Birmingham, AL
Empower Your Supply Chain with loopPFEP


Private Workshop

Empower Your Supply Chain with loopPFEP


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Empower Your Supply Chain with loopPFEP


Material Managers
Material Flow Engineers
Manufacturing Engineers
Material Delivery Specialists
Supply Chain Professionals


  • • Understand the importance of  a Plan for Every Part
  • • Define a common language to describe the PFEP
  • • Learn implementation strategy for a detailed PFEP
  • • Incorporate PFEP into your Material Flow Strategy
  • • Incorporate PFEP into Continuous Improvement
  • • Experience the PFEP process
  • • Copy of the loopPFEP Implementation Framework
  • • Excel PFEP Templates


  • • Increased Visibility and Collaboration
  • • Inventory Reduction
  • • Improve Trailer Cube Efficiency
  • • Floor Space Optimization
  • • Improve Warehouse Utilization
  • • Increase Material Velocity
  • • Reduce Obsolescence
  • • Improve Supply Chain Responsiveness and Adaptability
  • • Maximize Continuous Improvement


Facility Layout

Understand a common facility terminology to model the material flow. Visualize the Value Added Conversion process used to build products.

Point of Use 

Define the optimal material flow strategy by understanding the demand and presentation requirements at the Point of Use

Sourcing Strategy

Select the most efficient sourcing provider of a part to meet supply chain objectives. Understand Total Landed Cost options for each part’s material flow path.

Supply Logistics

Minimize the cost of moving material from the supplier to the point of use

Plant Logistics

Define the most efficient process to move material from the dock door to the production line. Minimize material handling cost. Minimize inventory carrying cost. Maximize material availability.