Web-based Software to Make One Piece Flow Possible


Sequenced Part and Delivery Solution

loopSequence is a sequenced part delivery solution providing just-in-time (JIT) sequenced parts for mixed model assembly. loopSequence will synchronize and sequence the continuous flow of material from your supplier to your production line in the order dictated by customer demand.

Designed specifically to support the best of breed core business processes for mass customization, loopSequence communicates required information to internal and external suppliers while answering the following questions: What assemblies or components are required for each production unit? What other information is required to properly assemble the production unit? In what sequence are the parts required? To which linefeed location should the parts be delivered?



—Reduced  inventory by building to demand
—Improved material flow efficiency to assembly
—Improved quality having correct parts available lineside
—Maximized manufacturing floor space
—Improved ergonomics for workers

loopSequenceTM   integrates with existing ERP packages or hourly loopMRPTM  parts ordering and planning module. Simultaneously supports E Kanban, sequenced part delivery, or direct delivery strategies.


End to end visibility into your supply chain


The fastest materials requirement planning tool available


Web-based software to make one piece flow possible

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