April 24, 2016

Supply chains define the ability of manufacturers and distributors to compete.

Manufacturers generally compete on product functionality, costs, and quality. Costs are driven by how efficient the supply chain is managed. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has placed organizations that do not take advantage of the cloud at a competitive disadvantage.

loopPFEP is a web-based Plan for Every Part software that allows collaboration and sharing of all logistics and supply chain data throughout your entire supply chain. loopPFEP is designed to run in the cloud or on-site, with the goal of helping information technology organizations (i.e., your IT department). loopPFEP provides visibility across your supply chain to key members of your organization.

loopPFEP’s standard ERP interfaces (e.g. SAP, Oracle, JDE, and MAPICS to name a few) greatly improves the time to extract ERP supply chain data and unlock the full value of existing IT investments.

Companies have made an unprecedented investment in ERP systems and many have yet  to see a return on their investment. One of the main reasons is the expensive user license required to access an ERP system. Plainly speaking, the cost of big ERP systems has become an obstacle to supply chain visibility.

loopPFEP is designed to utilize the internet and allow companies’ global supply chains the ability to connect at a much lower cost . Proven processes and an extensive knowledge base is available to teach IT organizations how to better support supply chain operations and logistics.

We welcome an opportunity to help you improve your supply chain.

If interested in loopPFEP, our web based Plan for Every Part, contact support@loopsupplysystems.com and we will be in touch! To learn more about the loopPFEP software, visit loopPFEP.