October 11, 2016

People are the most important component to a successful organization.

People are why we developed the loopPFEP Process.

The idea of People, Process, Technology is not new and is not an overly complicated idea. You have probably heard a variation of this idea mentioned in every company you have worked for. This idea is fundamental to a successful organization and is especially relevant to the modern supply chain.

At a high level:

People: The professionals involved.
Process: The processes and procedures followed or used by the professionals within those processes, including guidance, standards, frameworks, and methodologies.
Technology: The technologies used to enable, protect, control, and support the people and processes.

As we enter a new age in Supply Chain Management, the impact of these key supply chain components will become more important than ever. This is the reason we have created the loopPFEP Process. The loopPFEP Process was developed to support the PFEP process for the holistic supply chain. Experience in implementing the loopPFEP application, as well as understanding how the PFEP process can be standardized and scaled to support a complex supply chain were paramount in the creation of the loopPFEP Process.

This process we have developed is defined by Planning Segments: The Point of Use, Supply Sourcing, Supply Logistics, and Plant Logistics. For each of these segments, detailed process steps have been defined. In these process steps, we outline the inputs, process step details, effort (needed to support the process), output, and benefits to the PFEP stakeholders. We firmly believe that planning your supply chain with PFEP is the foundation to creating a world class supply chain.

The loopPFEP Process is driven by People, Process, and Technology. Empower your people with the process knowledge and technology to make smarter decisions and understand the impact their planning decisions have on the supply chain. Provide a process foundation that sustains your people and allows them to focus on creating value for your organization. Utilize technology to streamline the process and allow your people to work and succeed together.

Learning the loopPFEP Process is easier than ever and supports PFEP initiatives of all sizes. Learn this process at your facility in a private workshop or join us at one of our open courses. To learn more about the loopPFEP Process, email jonpate@loopsupplysystems.com or call us at 205-444-1185 and chat with the Loop Supply Systems team.

Something New for Loop Supply Systems!

We recently recorded our first podcast with one of our partners, Richard Rahn of Leonardo Group. In the podcast we discuss the PFEP process and Leonardo Group’s Mixed Model Material Management Course. Listen to the podcast here.

Join us November 15-17th at Leonardo Group’s Mixed Model Material Management Course at Toyota Material Handling. We will have two members from our team attending this course and workshop in Columbus, Indiana. We would love for you to join us.

Leonardo Group Workshop Overview

The methods presented in the workshop reflect the best material handling practices known today and the actual methods in use at many leading Lean companies. The focus of this workshop is to present all of the main material delivery methods and practices, with the goal of creating an optimized and sustainable material delivery system.

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