August 15, 2016

What is loopTrack?

A few weeks ago I wrote about loopTrack, Loop Supply Systems RFID Container Tracking Solution. RFID technology is not a new technology and the idea that it can add value to an organization has been talked about for years. So why now? While the technology has been around for many years, there has been great advances in RFID hardware technology and the applications that utilize the RFID data. We believe that tracking returnable containers allows supply chains to gain a true competitive advantage and gain access to extremely valuable inventory data while reducing supply chain costs.

loopTrack is a web based container management solution that utilizes the latest RFID technology to track returnable containers and the inventory inside each container. loopTrack utilizes RFID technology to automate and eliminate the traditional method of manual cycle counts for your returnable container inventory.

Is loopTrack an RFID system?

loopTrack utilizes RFID technology to automate the inventory transaction process and track packaging assets. loopTrack is more than just an RFID container tracking solution. loopTrack allows your supply chain the ability to adapt to changing customer demands and pool containers for uninterrupted material flow. There are several factors that differentiate loopTrack from traditional RFID asset tracking software.

What sets loopTrack apart?

  • • Utilizes detailed loopPFEP data to understand how each part and container flows in your supply chain.
  • • Dynamic Packaging Requirements Planning based on actual customer demand.
  • • Reduce the amount of containers in static container loops with container pooling.
  • • ERP system integration with key processes enables the solution to adapt and balance the demand for packaging assets.
  • • Provides real-time visibility of all loopTrack packaging assets.
  • • Drives alerts when required packaging may not be available or additional packaging needs to be ordered.
  • • Business rules provide exception based reporting and filtering to prioritize required actions.
  • • Monitor and track supplier lead times.


Technology alone is not a solution to complex supply chain problems. Technology is a tool to empower people to make the best decisions they can make and improve the processes that add value to your organization. loopTrack was created to support key business processes and streamline the flow of material and containers in a supply chain. We believe people are an organization’s greatest resource, and we equip them with the knowledge and dynamic perspectives to bring the greatest value. With a beginning, middle, and end, every part and every company has its own unique rhythm. Our promise is to champion yours and empower you to move in unison.

In summary, loopTrack is a web based packaging management solution designed for real-time packaging and inventory visibility throughout your supply chain. loopTrack incorporates the latest RFID technology, enabling clear visibility into the movement of parts and packaging. To learn more about loopTrack, contact or call 205-444-1185.